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The lesser known bird: A journal from New Zealand (2011)
I have always felt that starting a review with a personal anecdote is corny and have a rule against it. My review of Takahē issue 2, 2011, however, needs context. I plead to you, kind reader, to forgive me and keep on reading.

Where beautiful writing converges (2012)
Junctions are extraordinary places. They usually lead us to the very best—or worst—of a city or town. Five Points, a journal of literature and art published three times a year by Georgia State University, is an exceptional convergence point that exposes us to some prime examples of contemporary American art.

Lit from Australia (2012)
Straight from the land down under comes the spring 2012 edition of Meanjin, a literary journal founded in Brisbane in 1940 by journalist and editor Clem Christesen.

A journal that destroys literary conventions (2013)
Just like many other readers and editors, I’ve developed a sort of annoying habit: I like to know who is the author of what I am about to read, and when browsing through—or scrolling down—the first pages of a book, journal or magazine I look forward to reading an introduction or editor’s letter.

The magical and strange: an online mag for speculative fiction (2013)
In a time when most people don’t really commit to reading fiction and look for a quick news and fiction fix in the form of memes or tweets, the birth of an online literary journal is reason enough to celebrate.

Writers’ Bloc

Review of The Lifted Brow #22 (2014)

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