Notes on motherhood #3: Sometimes you’ll be speechless (don’t say that to my son)

First-time mothers sometimes do silly things without knowing so. In my case, I’m guilty of having bought a navy blue robe for my one-year-old son. His father and I thought he looked adorable, so we snapped as many pictures as we could of him walking around in his pyjamas and robe. We then proceeded to sendContinue reading “Notes on motherhood #3: Sometimes you’ll be speechless (don’t say that to my son)”

Notes on motherhood #2: Sorry

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for not understanding how important it was for you for me to meet your daughter almost 10 years ago. I’m sorry I asked you to come over to my place because I was too busy at work. I’m so sorry to have called you 1001 times to tell you aboutContinue reading “Notes on motherhood #2: Sorry”

Notes on motherhood #1

It was summer during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I spent those days resting, my hands too swollen to type; my feet too swollen to walk. My favourite spot was the living area. I used to open the balcony door and let the cool air – and the mosquitoes – in. There IContinue reading “Notes on motherhood #1”

Bring it on

During the past seven months, I’ve read heaps about pregnancy. What to expect when you are expecting has become my bedside companion. I’ve read every page and still go back to the bits that explain what happens every week. I also spent many hours reading Essential Baby blogs and forums, Fit Pregnancy articles, Marie Mongan’sContinue reading “Bring it on”

When you honestly don’t know what your baby will look like

I look like my father. I have his eyes, his hands, his calves, and his forehead. My arms look like my aunt’s. I’m as hairy as my grandpa. My teeth are as crooked as my mum’s — although eight years of braces fixed that. My nose looks just like my grandma’s. I’m my father’s daughterContinue reading “When you honestly don’t know what your baby will look like”

Countdown to week 24

For most women, making it to week 12 is reassuring enough, but not for me. Although it’s true that once you hit the 12-week mark, you are out of the risk-of-miscarriage zone and enter the joyful second trimester, things can still go wrong. After week 13, pregnancy feels like the real thing. Chances are you’veContinue reading “Countdown to week 24”